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Monday, September 18, 2006

20인치 뿡뿡이 봉제인형

20인치 뿡뿡이 봉제인형 - (20 inch "PPung PPungee" plush doll)

A while ago I got one of these from korea for my sons birthday.. Ppung Ppung ee is a very funny kids show from korea about a creature from "Fart World" who plays with kids. He has a friend called "JeJe Jun" who at the beggining of every show he has to transform from an inanimate object into a person so he can play with him. To do this he uses one of his magical farts.

Although the show sounds crazy it is in fact very educational and teaches the kids alot about proper manners and korean traditional stories. Although my son doesn't speak korean at home, he still loves to watch the show.

Ppung Ppungee has a song he sings at the beggining of each show, if you squeeze the dolls tummy it sings the song.. Oh and farts ..Obviously


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