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Thursday, June 12, 2008

My WebDisk Client

After a long long break from coding the webdav stuff, I have got around to doing something again. After building the SQL backend WEBDAV server I realised the limitations of windows as a webdav client and webdav as a protocol. So I have decided to start building a new server and client based on a new protocol. You can see from the screen shots that I have got the PROPFIND equivalant already working along with some nice code to automatically detect and build the associated icon for the file type.
From this client/server I am going to implement all of the standard file operations(like WEBDAV), versioning, check-in/check-out and Access Control. I will also be implementing a launcher so you can launch the the client directly from a browser.
More pics to come as I work through the development, but will probably be slow as I am finding it hard lately to find any spare time.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My house in Townsville is on the market

I am not particularly happy with the pictures. So I am hoping to get the real estate to update the photos soon.



My kids and I are currently addicted to 오예스. In english this is "Oh Yes". They are a sponge cake biscuit. They are amazingly cheap in brisbane, where you can get a pack of 20 for $5. They are about the size of a wagon wheel.

Anyway, while eating one the other day I discovered a beatiful bit of konglish written on the packet that I thought I would share

You know that sweet things make smile.
We love to see you smile with your people
So just taste this cake.