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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Gartner Application Development, Integration & Web Services Summit

Just got back from the Gartner Application Development, Integration & Web Services Summit in Sydney... Pretty interesting but not for the reasons I had thought. The main focus was on Business Process Management and Service Orientated Architecture. Interesting enough, but the two "side" topics of the conference I found more interesting. These were "Generation Y" and "Cloud Computing" and how both of these are going to have a significant impact on the entire IT industry.
It was very apparent from the conference that IT has a significant problem with resources over the coming years. I had to be one of the youngest people at the conference, and I am pretty sure there was noone there under 28.

It may be that we need "Cloud Computing" because there isn't going to be anyone to do the work anyway, as there are no young people coming in and a whole lot of old people going out.
As per usual there were the usual gartner buzz words and hype, but all up it was a very well rounded and valuable conference.


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