The Hoju Saram

Friday, November 23, 2007

Long time no blog !! Welcome to BrisneyLand

Well it has been literally months since I had the chance to blog. So here is the updates, I started 8 weeks holiday today, which is why I finally have sometime to get around to doing this.

My family has moved to Brisbane and are really enjoying the change in scenery. Am I am now working in the CBD with a nice view of the brisbane river. The city is absolutely booming, there are 3 high rise buildings going up around my building including the vision which has just begun.

I am catching the train from ferny grove to brisbane central for work, and it is really nice to live somewhere with public transport. Everyone in brisbane whinges that the trains are slow and never on time, but I have come from somewhere with no public transport so in my opinion the train is awesome.

I am leaving for south korea on tuesday to pick up Juni. We have has an amazing response from friends in australia and korea, as well as old exchange students. So we have about 10,000 people to see while we are in korea and have has a heap of offers to show us around. We are flying in to Pusan, a day trip to Ulsan, travel to Daegu and Daejeon and then to Seoul on the 7th of Dec. So hopefully we will be seeing Juni for the first time at Eastern on the 8th of December.

We are returning to oz on Dec 14th, I spent last night putting juni's cot together to remind myself how much I hate building furniture. My son is very excited to meet his sister and I am looking forward to 2 months without work and having a baby in the house again.

Since I have arrived in brisbane my work has been going well, I have been working on creating a standardised multi-application security framework, so that all of our applications can share the same security management system.

My business is also been going very well with a number of my client currently expanding their user base and require more licenses and customisation of my software. At last count I have about 2500 users of my software with a number of client installs over 500 users at a single site. One of my clients has signalled that they are looking at adding another 1500 users by the end of the financial year which means I could potential have a single site with 2000 users.

So all-in-all everything is going well. I hope to get some more time to do some blogging while I am on leave so please keep having a look every now and then.