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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Divico Tvix C-2000u

Today I order one of these. I have wanted one for a while, since I saw it at one of my friends houses. He got his direct from korea, but I found out that Harvey Norman was a distributor so I got them to order one for me.

It is basically a usb drive with a bit of extra logic that allows it to plug directly into an AV device (tv, plasma, projector etc ). And as it uses a 120Gb-160GB 2.5" drive it is ultra portable. (About the size of a cigarette packet ). So you plug it into your pc, copy the divx/dvd files you want to watch and then take it to your ( or friends) tv/movie room and use it as if it was a set-top dvd box. You can also get a car adaptor for it so you can use it to run the movies in your car.

If your looking for something with more grunt they also have a wireless networkable dvd jukebox with hd-record ability. sweet !!


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