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Friday, September 28, 2007

We have a name...

We recieved the documentation for Joo Eun, the other day. In korean her name is 주은 . My korean friends tell me it is a very pretty korean name. Lots of Korean names have their corresponding Chinese letters and the meaning is depended on the Chinese letters. The most popular Chinese letters matched for “주은” is “主恩” and it means “the Royal benevolence (favors)” or “the grace of God”.

We have always believed that it is important to try keep all or part of you childs name if you have a intercountry-adopted child. Some parents adhere to this and some do not. The second part of “주은” name 은 is actually quite hard to say for an English speaking person. ( It actually doesn't sound anything like how I would read "Eun").

So the advice we have received from a korean friends is as follows:

Korean people usually put an extra sound “ee” at the end of a person’s name when the name finishes with a consonant”. In the same way, “Joo Eun” is
generally called or indicated as “Joo Eun” + “ee” (주은이). But the sounds
are connected and it actually sounds like “Joo Unnie" (주으니)”. If this is said faster, it will sound like “쥬니” (Junie or Junee).

In terms of that, I can gaurantee “쥬니” (Junie) sounds good and no problem
at all in Korean perspective. “주니” (Joonie) can be another candidate, and the
name is specially popular by many Koreans for their English nickname, especially
when their original Korean name finishes with a sound “준(Jun)”.

So after some consideration we have decided the name Joonie 주니 is the correct one for our little princess.

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