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Monday, January 15, 2007

Tenacious D rocked…. And stayed at the same Hotel as me.

Flew to Brisbane on the weekend to Tenacious D. Their concert was brilliant. I was going to upload some video to youtube, but I found that a couple of people with much better cameras than me had already done so. If you want to see the band in action just go to and search for “Tenacious D Brisbane”.

While I was in Brisbane I stayed overnight at the Stanford . I usually would not stay there as I think it is about $500/night but I got a great deal on wotif. On Sunday morning I went down to breakfast wearing my new Tenacious D t-shirt only to see Kyle eating his breakfast. He looked at me , then looked at my shirt and then sort of got a paniced look on his face. I left him alone though, I paid $65 to see him play music , not eat breakfast. I didn’t see Jack Black, but I assumed he was there. The newspaper said he was travelling with his whole family.

Later when I was checking-out the receptionist asked me if I went to the concert. I said I did and that I assumed that the Band was staying there as I saw Kyle in the breakfast room, She said “Oh no no” , while nodding.


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