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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New Bendy Screen = Magazine on a stick

I always thought that it would be long before you were taking your memory stick to the video store instead of taking away dvds. ( I bought a 1Gb SD Card the other day for $A18 so it can't be far away). Well now it looks like we might be taking that same memory stick to the newsagency to get our magazines and newspapers, and then reading them on our nice new bendy screens.

Sth Korea's LG has developed the world's first A4-sized colour electronic-paper -- a paper-thin and bendable viewing panel.

The e-paper -- which measures 14.1 inches (35.9 centimetres) across its diagonal
and is just 300 micrometres (0.3 millimetres) thin -- can display up to 4,096
colours, the world's second largest liquid crystal display maker said in a
statement. It is designed to be energy-efficient, only using power when the
image changes on the display, it said. "This represents the next generation in
display technology," Chung In-Jae, chief technology officer and executive vice
president, said in the statement. The new display product's potential
applications "are incredible and will allow our customers to create new products
that are not only convenient to use but also save natural resources," he added.
LG Philips said it developed the world's first 10.1-inch flexible
black-and-white e-paper in October 2005 and a 14.1-inch follow-up -- which
matches the most common copy size -- in May 2006.



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