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Monday, August 20, 2007

Activex fileupload revisit in .net

I have had a middle school korean exchange student staying at my home for the last couple of months. He uses the korean community site naver 네이버 . While he was composing an e-mail the other day I noticed that there was a activex fileupload on the "compose" page which looked quite similar to the IBM/Lotus file upload control that is available for inotes. It also has the same feature set ( drag and drop, local file caching, file upload status, etc ).

On inspection on my computer after he had logged-off I discovered that the activex control had the details as above. The feature set is almost exactly the same as the IBM control and lead me to think there was some code sharing or something of that nature between IBM and this company ?? The control itself is obviously unnoticed by most as a search on google returns nothing of interest

Anyway recently I have been trying to find a nice browser based file manager for .net and after trolling through thousands of pages about how to do this sort of thing in .net have come to the conclusion that there really is no replacement of activex in the .net world so I shouldn't bother trying to replace this functionality I should just embrace it.
So since I already have a servlet version of the server component of the IBM upload control I thought I would try and whip up one in .net and of course give it backend DB storage. I will post my working source in the next couple of days. I will base the project on the work I have already done here and here.

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