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Friday, February 08, 2008

Long time no blog again !!

Well I have not blogged for a long long time. So here is a dot point update of what has been happening.
  • Went on leave from work for 8 weeks

  • Went to Japan for about 4 days , saw taku and toki's family and went back to tokyo disney, my son got to see asimo up really really close so he was very happy. ( the pic is asimo at his home base )

  • Went to korea for 2 weeks to pickup my daughter. Met up with heaps of friends and ate so much traditional korea food I almost exploded. I did however get to eat buffer fish for the first time so that was great

  • Came home and sat around for a few weeks with my new extended family

  • Went back to work.

Adoption law in Queensland means that I can't leave OZ for a year, so I won't be going anywhere to exciting until 2009. Although if I can rangle it I want to be back in FIJI for christmas.


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