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Friday, September 29, 2006

Memories of the Ghibli Museum

Last night at my house I found the guide book for the Ghibli museum in Japan. It doesn’t seem that long ago , but it is over a year now since we last visited Japan. While we were there our friends managed to get us some tickets to the Ghibli museum. If you are a Miyazaki fan in any way at all then you must go there. Miyazaki has created a large number of excellent animated films; Spirited Away, Tottorro, Laputa castle in the sky and most recently Howls Moving Castle to name a few. At the museum you can see some short films that are not available anywhere else in the world along with a huge amount of historical material. I was lucky enough to see a extra piece of the Tottoro movie which included little May and a baby cat bus.

Oh , there is also a giant Cat bus for the kids to play on inside the museum.


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