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Monday, September 25, 2006

Adoption Weekend

The Townsville adoption group meet on the weekend for the annual Magnetic island camp. Saturday night was the cultural dinner where everyone makes a meal from their adopted childs birth country. My wife made 아주 맛있은 만두 (very tasty korean dumplings). Countries represented at the table were, Korea, China, the Phillipines, Euthiopia and I even saw a plate of sausages which definitely looked Australian.

All of the kids had a great time playing but the weather was not very good, so a number of the planned activities didn’t happen.

Sorry about the photo ( it was taken with my mobile ) I will post a better one when I get a chance to download them from my camera.

I also meet a very friendly possum while I was on Magnetic Island. He let me take a very close photo of him with my phone.


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