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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pagable – Sortable gridview + Filtering + Drag&Drop Columns

There is an update to this post: Please see which includes a link to source code.

One of my current .Net projects at work involves creating a outlook like interface to SQL Data. To do this I have created a light weight pagable/sortable gridview that allows the user to change the order of the columns by drag&drop, and also supports column value filtering by allowing a user to right click on the column headings and type in a value. I haven’t finished it yet but here are some screen shots of it in action..

I do all of the paging/sorting and filtering of data through business objects, and the data retrieval is light weight because I am using a nice Stored Proc that only returns the exact number of rows requested by the user. No loading 5000 rows to display 10.

Client Side Drap and drop of columns
Right Click on column to filter
Gridview after column drag and filter


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