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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sharp RD900Mp - Awesome korean dictionary

It was my brithday the other day, so I (with alot of help from my 한국 친구 ) got myself a sharp RD-9000MP electronic dictionary. I couldn’t find it in Australia, but a few of my korean friends had one so I got one sent over from Korea. It ended up costing me 230,000 won ( about $A 320). It is absolutely brilliant. It is the korean model, so you do need a little bit of korean language knowledge for it to be useful, but I have to say I find it awesome. It has english=> korean / korean=>english , japanese , chinese, fm radio, clock , mp3 player and supports and SD Card for expanded memory for songs etc.

There is a spec page , but it is only in Korean

I don’t know how I every lived without it. Thanks to my 한국 친구 's for helping me out..


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