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Thursday, October 19, 2006

SPA Timesheet idea.

Update: This is no longer an idea, please see to see this in action.

One of the products I have commercialised is a timesheeting and task dissection application, it has two production versions, Lotus Notes/Domino and a MS Asp/SQL version. I am not going to talk about it here as many of my customers are very security conscious and have non-disclosure clauses in their contracts. But lately I have been thinking about creating a very cut-down SPA ( Single Page Application) using much of the client side code from the MS Asp/SQL Version. To make it simple at first I will only implement some of the business rules from the commercial version and not worry about the task dissections.

I have two approaches I am currently looking into.

1 ) Implement on top of the tiddly wiki engine.
2 ) Go my own way and write the plumbing myself.

I am going to do some research over the coming weeks as to which approach I will take. But the basic idea of the overall thing will be.

1 ) Visit my new "SPATimesheet" website and create an account
2 ) Enter your preferences into the website, such as your working hours, whether you get overtime etc etc
3 ) The system then generates a single html page for you that you can save to pc. This page contains all of the code and data for you to run the web-based timesheet in a single page even off-line in a browser.

This is the same concept used by my friend where he created except that site is for wikis not timesheets.

I will post any updates about this idea in future postings.

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