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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

맛동산 ??

Ok I need help from my Korean friends with this one. I got a packet of peanut flavoured korean chips yesterday and they are called 맛동산. There is also a korean restaurant in Brisbane called this. I believe it is a chain restaurant

I have had a look in my dictionary and on the net and as far as I can tell it either means “Taste of the hill” 맛 – taste 동산- hill ( near a village ) or tasty personal items-동산. It may in fact be neither of these and mean something completely different.

도와주세요 !!


  • While I've been eating "맛동산" for my whole life period (more than 30 years), I've never thought of the meaning of the name seriously. Now I start thinking what it means exactly. It must be definately not "the taste of the personal property". "the taste of hill" doesn't make sense but I'd rather bet on "the hill of taste" which means a snack filled by taste as a big size as hill.
    Does this help for your curiosity?

    By Anonymous Joanne, at 10:19 am, November 09, 2006  

  • Thanks Joanne, Mountain of taste makes complete sense. Now I know !!

    By Blogger TheHojuSaram, at 9:21 pm, November 10, 2006  

  • I agree with you Joanne and thehojusaram.It reminds me the movie 'Chocolate Factory'.

    I found that "맛보다" was the original name of the snack for shot periods of time.

    맛동산 sounds much better.

    The jingles was "맛동산 먹고 즐거운 파티~, 맛동산 먹고 신나는 파티~"

    By Anonymous Jun, at 6:25 pm, November 15, 2006  

  • well explained above.

    The manufacturers might not have taken it seriously. The word "맛동산" is a combination of "맛" and "동산". 맛 stands for taste, flavour and 동산 means the hill (that could be used metaphorically though).

    Anyway your guess work was as good as others. Actually I'm also wondering what 맛동산 meant to be by them.

    By Anonymous pyrami, at 11:58 am, April 14, 2011  

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