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Friday, December 15, 2006

죽겠다, 마졌다 – and “your driving me nuts”

죽겠다 (R:Chook-get-da) literally means “will die” and미졌다 (R:me-chyot-da) literally means “will be crazy”. These are used in korean to over emphasise something. For instance in english you would say “I am so hungry I could die”, in korean you pretty much say the same thing.

배고 파서 죽겠다 (R: bea-go-pa-soh Chook-get-da)

미졌다 – can be used the same way.

배고 파서 미졌다

A much more interesting use of crazy is in the following sentence.

내가 미져,너 때문에 내가 못 사라 (R: nae-ga me-chyo , no dae-num-eh nae-ga mot sa-ra )

Literally in english this “I’m crazy, because of you I can’t live”, but its true english meaning is something like “your driving me nuts”.

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