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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

말아톤 – Latest Korean Movie

In keeping with my news year resolution, last week I watched 말아톤 (E:)Marathon. It is a story an Autistic boy/man and his mothers’ wish for him to run a Marathon.

말아톤 is a movie about disability, and about the lack of tolerance society has for
people who are different. Based on the true story of an autistic boy who
completed the Chuncheon Marathon four years ago, the film's protagonist is
20-year old Cho-won (played by Jo Seung-woo), who was diagnosed with autism at
the age of five. His mother, played by Kim Mi-Sook, is a major character in the
film, vividly illustrating the hardships experienced by families living with
autistic people.

The movie was brilliant and I recommended it to everyone , even if you cannot speak a word of korean, it is well worth it. Jo Seung-woo is brilliant and the dream sequences and conversations he has about zebras are wonderful and inspiring.

I give it 4 kimchis out of 5.

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