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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

꽃 피는 봄이 오면

Last night I watched “SpringTime” actually I think this a crappy translation, it should be “When the flower blooming spring comes”. The movie came out in 2004.

The movie overview is:

To trumpeter Hyeon-Woo, life seems to remain forever locked in winter. In
desperation, Hyeon-Woo signs up for a position teaching a children's wind
ensemble at a small junior high school in a distant Dogye village. Worn-out
instruments, tarnished trophies and frayed certificates testify to the poor
conditions of this ragtag group. This leads Hyeon-Woo, together with his
students, to take on a seemingly impossible challenge

SPRINGTIME is the revitalizing, moving tale of a trumpeter whose wounded soul gains a newfound hope after he starts teaching a wind ensemble in a children's school in a mountainous coalmining village. Beginning in the rains of autumn and continuing
to the first breezes of spring, this movie illustrates how a heart is gradually
healed as a part of the ongoing changes of life - as part of life, love and the
turning seasons.

The movie was a good mix of humour and sadness, with a lot of dry humour and also some heart felt moments, and once again proving that a great story makes up for lack of special effects everytime. It stars 최민식 who is probably one of the most famous Korean actors known outside of Korea, and 장신영 who in my opinion is one of the hottest Korean actresses.

I give it 4 kimchis out of 5. Oh and “Kenny J” even gets a mention.

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