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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tried to go korean food shopping

Here is my list... It seems it is hard to find most of this stuff in brisbane. I can find substitute products, but I will keep trying to find the genuine items.

1.돌아온 왕꿈틀이
2. 몽고 순 간장
3. 한일 본고장 가쓰오 생우동
4.오리온 고래밥(볶음)
5.오리온 고소미
6.롯데 꼬깔콘 고소한 맛
7. 롯데 꼬깔콘 군옥수수맛
8..오리온 초코파이
9.롯데 자일리톨 껌
10.송학 비빔쫄면 460g
11.오뚜기 마요네즈
12.오뚜기 참기름
13. 롯데 레쓰비 캔 커피 마일드
No.8 is chocopie. Yum !! (Which I can find)
It turns out it has it's very own website..


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