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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Deck is underway

I am building a deck to overlook my pool area, as mentioned in one of my previous posts. It is currently "in-progress" so I thought I would post a few pics.

The bearers are 190x45 F7 treated timber. The joists are 70x70 F7 treated timber at a spacing of 500mm and the decking is a treated hardword which has been pre-grooved to give it a nice grip in the wet. The whole deck is approximately 5mX4m, so a good size for a BBQ and a nice big table.

You can see all of the components in the stack as it came of the truck. I used metal footings
that bolt onto the bearers with galvanised m12x150 bolts, and the footings are sunk into 900mm of concrete. (I cheated and used pre-mix rapid set).

The image at the top is the progress so far. I am doing most of my work between 5:30am and 7:00am ( before work ). This is due to the fact that young children and power tools are not a good mix. And if my son is awake he always wants to help me out with whatever I am up to.


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