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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I have released

After a few weeks of spare-time dev I have now released into the wild. It is not 100% tested yet, but I have had enough of working on it so out it goes.

It provides a single html file download that lets people design their own validating web forms via an easy to use drag & drop interface. They can then save a "run-time"(published) version of this form which they can send to people to fill in. No servers required.

I am pretty happy with how it has gone... Especially the UI and the ease of use. The fact that it is all in a single html file and runs IE and firefox means that it is a pretty nice multi-os solution as well. I also like the feature that design->runtime->print time is all in one file.

I will post about some of the technologies and techniques I used in the future. But one of the highlights is the serialising and deserialising objects that let me make the "published" file 40k smaller than the design-time file that creates it.

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