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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Organisational Psychopaths

A co-worker of mine at my office as started a small collection of books around the subject of "toxic" employeess etc. One of the books that I liked the best is called the pocket pschyo

Some gems from the book are:

Workplace psychopaths are individals who manipulate their way through life
and leave an indelible mark on both victim and society. They are cunning,
self-centred and ruthless, They make working life a living hell for many of us.
What motivates these individuals ?
  • They intimidate fellow workers
  • They Exhibit impulsive behaviour
  • The demonstrate a lack of remorse
  • They are gib and superficially charming.

Mary was amid-level manager in a firm. She could manipulate any situation,
no matter how bad, so that she ended up looking successful. She lied to both
colleagues and clients, but never took responsibility when her deception was

She would simply turn on the charm and ingratiate herself with senior
management, laying the blame directly on someone else. Her mood swings were
completely unpredicatble, one minute she was nice and the next she would turn on
colleagues, causing many people in the organisation to fear her.

Perhaps what struck most of her colleaues most was her complete lack of
remorese or guilt when caught doing something wrong. Mary would do whatever it
took to look good at the expense of her colleagues.


Maybe I am too ??? Great book good for a few laughs



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