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Friday, June 01, 2007

More on Domino -> SharePoint migration tool

I am currently writing a C# .net windows form application to migrate IBM domino (notes) data to MS Sharepoint. This is for document libraries only, as sharepoint doesn’t do forms like notes does.(required InfoPath and a whole heap of fiddling)

So basically this is a tool that allows me to do the following:

  • Select a domino document library
  • Select a sharepoint document list
  • Choose fields in the documents in the Notes database and pair them to meta-data fields in the Sharepoint List
  • Pull the rich-text body( including embedded images and attachments ) out of notes and convert it to a word document.
  • Translate the Notes Fields -> Sharepoint fields
  • Save the word document and its meta data to the Sharepoint list.

By automating this process it means that I can simply point the tool at each domino document library database , then map its fields to a sharepoint list and press a button to migrate all of the data. This will give me one word document in the sharepoint list for each notes document in the document library.

The underlying functionality on the domino side is the agent I have talked about early I use this to produce the xml/binary and html that is used by the .net app to gather and translate the domino data. On the sharepoint side I am using a mix of SOAP and FrontPage RPC calls to the sharepoint server to get the List schemas and then place the documents and meta data into the Lists.

I should have some nice screenshots sometime next week of it all in action



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