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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


괴물 (R:Goehmul) "Monster" is the lastest korean movie I have watched. It was a huge success at the korean box office and unlike nearly every other korean movie in this genre was a raging success in korea.

The thing I really love about korean ( and for that matter japanese horror ) is that they are not afraid to kill off main characters and that even includes the children, and even when finally the "evil things" are dead, it still seems like everything sucks for the "good guys"..

I thought the special effects in this movie were not as good as I would expect from a blockbuster, in some scene I thought I was looking at a Dr Who special effect. But having said that it is still a good watch. I give it 3 kimchis out of 5.

For a movie overview in english you can check out hanbooks

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  • Hey this movie is on David and Margaret right now as I type. It's coming to cinemas. Your blog is pretty current right now! They both loved it, four stars.

    By Blogger simon, at 9:29 pm, March 07, 2007  

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