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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Korean Adoptee becomes adoptive parent

In case people have not realised yet, I am an adoptive parent, I have a son from South Korea, and I am currently on the waiting list to adopt a second child, and expect to travel to Korea within the next few months. The reason I started learning the Korean language was due to the fact that I knew that I was going to be a adoptive parent of a Korean Child.

Lately the South Korean International adoption program has gone through some internal changes, with the South Korean government attempting to internalise adoption in Korea. To do this they have been offering monetary incentives for people in Korea to adopt children. Hopefully this will be successful, and is a step in the right direction.

Anyway.. while I was looking at eastern social welfare service website, ( this is the social welfare service that I adopted my son from) , I noticed an article on their bulletin board about a lady who was adopted herself ( to America ) and has now come back to Korea to adopt a baby herself.. I personally had never heard of anyone doing this so this was very interesting.

Link to Article

If you cannot read korean then you can see the translation.. But as you can see it is a good laugh ( google korean->english will be in beta for a lot longer yet)

…. Some points of interest are:

The baby’s name is 성민 soengmin

백 씨는 1976년 여름 부산에서 태어났다. 하지만 가난했던 그의 부모는 그를 동방사회복지회로 보냈다. 백 씨는 이듬해 4월 미국으로 입양됐다.

The lady ( Mrs Park ) was born in summer 1976 in pusan. But her parents were poor, she was sent to ESWS , she was then adopted to America at 4 months.

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