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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More T-Shirt Ideas

I have been thinking of more t-shirt ideas lately, It has been some time since I did my first shirt. Here are some more ideas:

Australian themed ones:

Have you ever been to Australia ?
호주에 가 본 적이있어요 ?

Cool Aussie !!
멋진 호주 사람

Drinking related:

I hate to drink alone !!
나혼자서 술마시기를 싫어해요

Is there anyone who wants to drink beer ?
막주 마시고 싶은 사람 있어요 ?

Korean related:

Its difficult to learn Korean , isn’t it ?
한극말 배우기 어렵지요 ?

Korean-only joke, maybe not sure if it translates, asking where Mr kim lives in korea is funny as every third person is called Mr Kim.

Where is Mr kims house ?
김 선생님의 집이 어디에 있어요?

A nice message:

Even though I am old I am young at heart.
나는 나이는 많아도 마음은 젊어요

Humour about the shirt itself:

Is it ok if I wear this t-shirt today ?
오늘 이 티셔츠을 입어도 좋아요? or
오늘 이 티셔츠을 입어도 괜잖아요?

And I am trying to think of some reverse Konglish ones , something that doesn’t belong on a shirt :

Don’t forget to wash your hands:

이지 말고 손을 씻으세요 !

If anyone else has some ideas, then leave a comment and I will translate for you.

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